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Angkor Complex Biking

Thursday, 02 February 2017 by

Period: on 05th Feb 2017 Destination: Angkor Complex Duration: Half day tour Tour Starting: 7:00 am Meeting point: In front of Angkor Trade Center Itinerary: An interesting route that is never cycled leaves Siem Reap over backroads starting at Siem Reap Town. It leads towards Angkor Wat, Gate of Angkor Thom, Take break and buy

Preah Khan was built on the site of Jayavarman VII‘s victory over the invading Champa in 1191. Unusually the modern name, meaning “holy sword”, is derived from the meaning of the original—Nagara Jayasri (holy city of victory). The site may previously have been occupied by the royal palaces of Yasovarman II and Tribhuvanadityavarman. The temple’s foundation stela has provided considerable information about the history and

How cycling importants

Thursday, 30 April 2015 by

A cycling workout is a foolproof way to get a great sweat and work your legs. Cycling is a wonderful exercise since you can push yourself at a higher intensity. It strengthens your legs, arms and back, encourages your heart to work more efficiently and aids in weight loss. Cycling is also one of the easiest ways

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Take your family out to Montana this summer and cycle along the most scenic disused railroad in the country. For the real diehards among us, a ride of 45km to the top of Kulen is an absolute challenge. Passing the Angkor area, rural sites, observing green paddy fields and farmers and climbing the hill. The

Explore the French Colonial Town – Battambang City Date: 1st Feb 2015 Duration: Full day Tour Tour Itinerary: Our trip start in early morning at 5:00am and gathering in front of Angkor Trade Center. We leave Siem Reap province by bus through national road No 6 & 5 to agriculture and historical of Battambong province.

Cycling to Run Ta Ek Eco-Village

Monday, 24 November 2014 by

Sunday 30th November 2014 Destination: Run Ta Ek Duration: Full Day Tour Gathering: In front of Angkor Trade Center Tour Starting: 7:30 am Itinerary: Located in one of the most beautiful areas that surrounds Siem Reap countryside, Run Ta Eak is surrounded by small villages and paddy fields. Between July and January it is a

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